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     Bet you can't remember the last time you went OUT for breakfast? Are you lucky just to gulp a cup of java or a cold muffin or bagel, if you have an extra five minutes? Slow down; be good to yourself! This fast-paced life we're leading isn't a "dress rehearsal"; it's a one-shot deal! That said, why not indulge YOURSELF -- better yet...take mom AND the kids out for breakfast. (The uproarious cheer in the background is the family expressing their enthusiasm for your "brilliant plan". Thus, you have become their "folk hero") Democracy has spoken! May I suggest the Marmalade Cafe
Many restaurants can legitimately boast good food, but this place has it ALL! You enter through a massive wooden door, graced with hand-carved burlwood handles. Gary Cooper or John Wayne would have looked right at home in this place. Adobe walls, hand-hewn beams, and slab-rock flooring evoke "times-of-old". Fresh-cut flowers top the wrought-iron tables with matching tapestry-covered chairs, while hand-woven basketry and tasteful paintings adorn the rustic walls. Is that "The Duke's" horse I see reflected in the door's window...or am I just "caught-in-the moment"?

      Okay, so it's obvious I'm enjoying the decor, but how often is the facade spoiled by an unfriendly staff? Not so at Marmalade Cafe. Jes, the genial hostess/manager, warmed me with a sincere welcome, and seated me without delay. I passed a cast of smiling waiters/waitresses, who smiled and greeted me warmly, as they worked. [Sidebar: Is it my imagination or is the entire staff "drop-dead gorgeous"? I tried not to stare. I work-out in a gym; I'm no monk. Maybe I've been staring at my laptop screen too But I digress.} I later learned several of the bustling, efficient staff actually ARE working actors/actresses and models. Intriguing bit of trivia, eh!

      Choices, choices! With a plethora of sumptuous choices on the breakfast menu, I opted for the French Toast. Settling down with my notes, I barely had time to formulate a few thoughts when my meal arrived. "Tempus fugit" or fast service? It WAS the latter. Perfectly-seasoned batter on tender homemade bread, to rival my Mom's secret recipe. (Hope she doesn't see this!) Other breakfast specialties include seven-grain pancakes and eggs benedict. Definitely order a cappuccino or mocha; you WON'T regret it.

      If you're not a "morning person", Marmalade Cafe also serves lunch and dinner. I returned the next day for a luncheon repast, both sizeable AND tasty. I chose the Poached Salmon Nicoise and my companion had the Winnet Sandwich. After discreet "sharesies", I would recommend either OR BOTH!

      If a tantalizing breakfast or lunch doesn't hook you, one bite of the oakwood-grilled rib eye or filet mignon, served in a romantic, candlelight setting, surely will! For the non-carnivore (or let's be politically-correct --"the vegetarian") there are sumptuous pastas and salads, presented in a style pleasing to the eye AND palate. I HIGHLY recommend Marmalade Cafe's California-cuisine for breakfast, lunch AND dinner. A perfect place to dine...three times-a-day! They are open 7 days-a-week (7:30 a.m. til closing)

Don't forget to tip your waiter, waitress, or bartender.

STAFF PLUG: They're also available for TV and film!

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